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I AM YOU #PEACE GLOBAL is a non-governmental organization, registered under the provisions of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act. It is located in Varna, Bulgaria. We are interested in cooperation for social and intellectual development of people of all ages and social assistance for disadvantaged people. Our volunteers have participated in EU projects and seminars, youth exchanges and educational training courses in Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Kosovo, Italy, Hungary and others. We also work as a coordinator and/or partner on Erasmus + projects and we are looking for partners.


I AM YOU #PEACE GLOBAL is a multidimensional NGO whose principal motive is to create a sustainable world with love and respect. One where these two variables are not only linked to human beings, but to one’s environment, animals and everything that constitutes nature. We believe in the inter-connectedness of nature and if a part of it is affected negatively, all the other ones suffer as well. Basically, our operations are geared towards the ideas in the quote “If you see me like yourself, you will say NO to war, terrorism, human trafficking, xenophobia, environmental degradation, violence and YES to love and respect, and will think humanity first because I AM YOU”. It is to this effect that we set out to take a stand against hate by preaching, practicing and advocating for love and respect because we believe the availability of these values will create a peaceful and sustainable world.

Scope of activities

Implementation of activities and projects related to the objectives of the organization; creating and developing contacts and cooperation with organizations and communities with similar goals in the country and abroad; conducting humanitarian actions; participation in international associations and organizations with similar activities, etc.

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The goals of the organization are related to:

  • Development of civil society as a whole as well as development of people's ideas and perceptions of peace and sustainable development.
  • Intercultural exchange with the purpose of training, personal and professional development.
  • Developing the cultural and educational levels and qualifications of people from a wide social range.
  • Mediating on peace issues between communities, nations and so on.
  • Inclusion of a wide range of people to the latest achievements of European and world culture, science, technology and social activities.
  • Development of social perspectives for young people and disadvantaged groups.
  • Short-term and long-term support to people who have experienced various crises in their lives.
  • Promoting the ideas for sustainable development of the society and nature.
  • Preservation and development of Bulgarian cultural, folklore and sports traditions
  • Preservation and promotion of natural landmarks, archaeological, ethnographic and architectural monuments.
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Local Partnerships

To achieve its goals the organization carries out the following activities:

  • Development of contemporary information centers; organization of seminars, briefings and international conferences.
  • Supporting the putting up of clubs in schools, colleges and universities for the purpose of training and raising awareness of everyday issues related to gender equality, career development; stimulating and developing leaders in local societies.
  • Managing and implementing projects and initiatives focused on social issues.
  • Organization and implementation of programs for improving the qualification and employability of people in active working age.
  • Coordinating campaigns in different media to disseminate the ideas of the organization.
  • Implementing programs to support people from disadvantaged social groups.
  • Supporting amateur artistic creativity of wide range of people.
  • Development, participation and promotion of all forms and processes related to the integration of Bulgaria into the European Union.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Implementation of humanitarian measures as well as activities related to the eradication of poverty.
  • Collaboration with local and international organizations in the implementation of different projects in order to achieve the objectives of the organization.

The team

Yana Balashova-Kostadinova

(Founder and chair of the organization)
Holding a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Economics – Varna, currently doing a research in the field of place marketing. Actively involved in NGO organizations. Has personal experience of being a volunteer in local organizations and projects and participating in various mobility activities implemented under Youth in Action and other mobility programs in the EU. Has rich intercultural experience with a lot of nationalities. Well-developed management skills and competences. Participated in local, national and international projects, seminars, training courses, conferences and other events. Coordinated an educational project which introduced over 20 people to the basics of Photoshop and related work. Actively participated in the organization and implementation of the 4th Olympiad of Marketing which took place at the University of Economics – Varna in June 2017. Organizing and coordinating local Forum theatre projects. Organizing and coordinating Welcome days for the Erasmus+ incoming students to the University of Economics – Varna.

Diana Gadzhilova

I specialize in online art and I love visualizing your ideas using the latest and most successful web design concept tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator . I have a proven track of meeting and exceeding client requests, because I think of your objective as a personal goal of my own. While I thrive in a team working environment I am also very well organized alone and I work well within set deadlines. I believe in a collaborative approach to every task, as more heads think better than one and eventually produce higher quality results. Through the wide range of environments I've worked in and the extra software training I have participated in I have developed excellent social and technical skills that I continue to refine on a daily basis. Despite the fact that I am often stereotyped as a workaholic, I never miss a Kango class or an opportunity to go for a long hike in the mountains or skinny trails along the cliffside of the shore. For the remainder of my spare time I like to learn German, Z-Brush work on my “rockart” or follow the adventures of "Ricky and Morty".

Georgi Babev

Graduated from the University of Economics – Varna as Bachelor and Master of Accounting and Audit. Studied one semester a master degree in Hochschule Wismar - University of applied sciences, as an Erasmus+ student. Loves traveling the world and helping people achieve inner peace and emotional stability. Been in TCs about Ecology, Gamification, Writing projects and Contact Making seminar. Experienced Group leader and a Youth worker. Joined the organization shortly after its establishment in 2017, quickly become a valuable member and project manager since the end of 2017.

If you want to become part of our team or just talk about something, don’t hesitate.