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Hello, I am you peace global is looking for 9 participants for a youth exchange, financed by Erasmus +, which will take place
in Craiova, Romania in the period 21st July – 3rd August!

Participants from Bulgaria: nine (9) aged 18-24 and a group leader – 18+ no age restriction.

Participating countries (5): Romania – host, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Turkey.

IMPORTANT: Please, read the whole information before applying! Every applicant if approved has to be able to buy a two-way ticket immediately (after coordinating the trip with the rest of the team from Bulgaria in the FB group or chat). You have to know English on at least basic level and to be interested in the subject. The trip can be from Bulgaria and to Bulgaria only! 

Project: “Reinvented”. Objectives: Promoting equal opportunities for social inclusion through non-formal activities in the field of life skills and interaction for 45 young people from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey for 14 days. 1. Develop
self-confidence and key interpersonal skills in interacting with young people with chronic illnesses for 45 young people from 5 countries in 14 days; 2. Developing the abilities of involvement and development of adaptive and inclusive activities based on non-formal education methods for 45 young people from 5 countries in 14 days; 3. Facilitating the development of skills needed for social reintegration and capitalizing on the abilities they have for 10 young survivors of chronic disease in 5 countries for 14 days; 4. Promoting volunteering in health, non-formal education by encouraging intercultural dialogue, based on mutual respect for diversity among 45 young people from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey for 14 days. The objectives of the project intertwine with the priorities of the Erasmus Plus program in the field of youth by improving access, participation and performance in the learning of young people with chronic diseases. ACCOMMODATION will be at the Casa Boiereasca Hotel in Craiova, a beautiful city in the Romania.

The following costs are covered by the project:

– Reimbursement of 100% of the expenses for accommodation and food;

– 100% of the transport fees up to 180 euro per person. You have to buy the tickets first then your transport costs will be
reimbursed up to the limits. IMPORTANT: Keep all original tickets and receipts so the hosting organization can reimburse your expenses.

There’s a participation fee of 20 euro for the Bulgarian organization.

If you are interested, please fill in the form by 24:00 on 07th July (Sunday):

If you have any questions, contact us on our FB page.

Please share the invitation with your friends.


“I am you peace global” Team 12/06/2019


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